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Home Automation and Smart Home Control at Your Fingertips

Your Home. Simplified.

Connect all your smart devices for a truly smart home. One that’s more convenient. More safe. More enjoyable.

Be In Control

Control4 OS 3 puts full control at your fingertips. The convenient touchscreen is also voice controlled for a smart, customizable home that’s all yours. 

  • Create and edit smart home actions such as lighting, shades and music.
  • Secure your home with smart door locks, garage door settings, video monitoring & more.
  • Control your comfort level with temperature controls, outdoor lighting, and pool and spa automation. 
  • Get whole-home entertainment with music, volume control and more in every room.

Go With A Pro

Make life simple and go with a professional Control4 installer to fully integrate your smart home system. Professional Control4 installers receive rigorous training in wiring, networking, audio/video and more to turn every aspect of your home into a truly intelligent home. 

Advanced Technology Solutions is an authorized Control4 dealer and Control4 installer. Our smart home professionals are well-trained to deliver a seamless and fully-integrated smart home system that works with your lifestyle.

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New to Control4?

As an authorized Control4 dealer, we’ll show you how convenient it is to take home comfort and peace of mind to the next level. Contact us today to see how you can personalize your smart home experience, making it more intuitive, energy efficient and secure from one single, easy-to-manage system.  

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